The centrifugal pumps are rotating machines capable of transforming driving energy (usually electrical or mechanical) into kinetic energy of a fluid. In other words, centrifugal pumps increase the speed of fluids so that they can travel long distances.

These machines are widely used for liquid transport containing solid particles in suspension. However, these machines are inefficient when working with highly viscous liquids.

The operation of centrifugal pumps is based on a rotor, impeller or impeller. This is the element that transfers the energy received by a motor electric to fluid


This is achieved since the rotor It has some blades that are responsible for pushing the fluid, generating an increase in its speed and therefore in its kinetic energy. In turn, the fluid, being rotating on the vanes, receives a fuerza centrifuge that increases its pressure and with this even more its internal energy

These pumps are manufactured according to API 610 11th Edition / ISO 13709   its robust construction corresponds to the recommendations of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

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