Wireless Remote Controls – CATTRON

Serie MP96 / Serie AT

Used for wireless remote control of cranes, lifting equipment and machine control applications.

Laser Collision Avoidance System (LCAS)

Protects against crane-to-crane or crane-to-wall end collisions.

Mining remote control

They allow workers to safely extract minerals from unsafe tunnels using an extremely reliable underground communication network AND minimizing the risk of worker injury.

Serie S

For simple applications, they offer safety, reliability, and modern technology in an economical, standard configuration.

Remtron ™

They control a wide range of industrial equipment and machinery, from cranes and hoists to transportation systems in the material handling, mobile equipment, industrial automation and equipment rental operator markets.

Cattron ™

Industrial Wireless Remote Controls is Cattron's original product line and one of the most durable systems in the industry, they are designed to order and customized for specific applications.


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