Services: OTR Tires

  • After-sales tracking service of OTR tires.

  • Comprehensive management of tire shop management

  • Sector repair of OTR tires.

OTR Tire Tracking After Sales Service

It consists of providing our clients with a follow-up service through detailed inspections of our tires, promptly reporting any deficiency that affects its operability.

Who performs the service?


The service is carried out by qualified technical personnel, with extensive knowledge in identifying operational and other defects that compromise the integrity and good performance of the tire.

Who performs the service?

It is carried out through field inspection work:

  • Inspection and analysis of remaining tread.
  • Taking and evaluation of pressures
  • Identification and Evaluation of outages and failure
  • Inspection and analysis of routes of the haul cycle
  • Graphic identification of poor loading and centering practices

With the information collected periodically, the duration of the tire is determined from its assembly to the end of its useful life, obtaining Kpi`s as cost per kilometer and/or cost per hour. In turn, the assertive and immediate delivery of the reports will allow timely withdrawal decisions to be made, correcting major damage from breakdowns and pressure corrections outside the ranges.

This service is provided mainly for our tires, but it can also be performed in a quantified manner at the request of any mine or according to a commercial agreement with our management.

OTR tire sector repairs

BANFF with the purpose of providing a service committed to the availability of delivery of repaired tires in a short time, it provides the OTR tire repair service in the client's own mining facilities, with the extensive experience of our collaborators, the latest technological advances in the sectoral vulcanized system and high-quality raw material.

What kind of repairs do we carry out?

Preventive Repairs:

They are all those that, generally due to the damage they present in the tread, come to compromise only the first and second ply protection of the tire structure.

This type of repair also applies to damage to the flank or side where the rubber has been uncovered and the radial chords are shown without having caused their rupture.

Corrective Repairs:

They are all those that, generally due to the damage they present in the tread, come to compromise even the first and second working ply of the tire structure.

Coming to damage the radial cord many times, often compromising its rupture, for which it will need the application of a reinforcement in the internal part.

Main objective of repairing an OTR tire

The implementation of a repair system would have as its main objective to prevent and correct the damage caused by the work for which the tires were designed, contributing to the end of their useful life.

Comprehensive management of the tire workshop administration

  • Our comprehensive management service for tire workshops implies the reduction of operating costs and the time involved in the workshop service.
  • With the experienced workforce, we spend less time changing tires both in the front and rear positions, providing a much more efficient mechanical availability in the operation.

What activities do we carry out?

  • Tire tracking and reporting
  • Rotations and tire matching.
  • Control of pressures, cuts and breakdowns.
  • Irregular wear control.
  • Maintenance and change of implements.
  • On-site tire repair.
  • Inspection of roads and analysis of poorly distributed loads
  • Inventory control.
  • Annual consumption projection
  • Pressure leveling and removal of embedded rocks in the field.
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