Dust Control System Banff .S.A.

Design of integrated dust control systems for the mining industry and ports.

System Benefits:

– Its control helps keep employees in good health, maintaining a safer plant.

– Dust control does not have to be expensive, favoring not only nearby people, but also nearby.

Banff has developed a water-based spray system for dust control in production plants.

Spray water is a very important dust suppressant. These suppressants are pure water without chemical agents.

Our system achieves:

  • Suppress airborne dust.
  • Add very little moisture to the process to prevent dust (approx. 4 liters per ton).

Reasons to control dust

A safer operation, by achieving greater visibility. Greater profit margin, by preventing the transported or handled material from flying through the air. Lower maintenance cost, since the dust is abrasive and flies through the air freely; This is deposited in moving mechanical parts such as bearings, axles, conveyor belts, etc. causing premature wear.
Higher productivity, as there is more visibility, you can increase the speed in the loading operation, descarga y transporte. Lower operating cost for the mine by reducing the risk of accidents. Increased quality of the work environment and good health for the operators.
Lower Cost of annual insurance premiums as it is an operation with a lower risk of accidents.

Main Components of the BANFF Dust Control System

1. High Pressure Pump from 120 to 200 psi.

2. Remote control panel

3. Connection hose.

4. PLC control with remote integration

5. Flow switch with alarm.

6. Stainless steel pressure gauges.

7. High strength brass tubing.

8. Brass or hardened stainless steel nozzles

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