Mixing and Activation of Polymers

Liquid Polymer Blend

UGSI dosing medium includes the Polyblend ® mechanical polymer feeders and the Dynablend ™ and Dynajet ™ hydraulic polymer feeders.

Our designs feature a high-energy, two-stage mix for optimal initial wetting followed by a dead zone for gentler activation, as dictated by polymer science.

Both the products Polyblend ® as Dynablend ™ and Dynajet ™ are available for blending liquid and dry polymers in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your process needs.

The range of facilities is wide. Systems have been installed in virtually every water, wastewater, and reuse application for municipal and industrial users.

Many non-water related applications have also been designed and installed. Both technologies offer precise control over dispense rate, dilution level, mix time and power.

Our products provide maximum economy and value in the use of polymers.

Dry Polymer Wetting

Dynaje Dry Polymer Mixing System

Dry Polymer Wetting

The compact, high-performance dry chemical blending system uses a blower-assisted conveying system to transport and disperse dry polymer prior to wetting. Wetting technology reduces plugging. The equipment is built in stainless steel to withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments.

Chemical metering pumps and integrated chemical feed systems

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